June 16, 2021

{Father's Day 2021}

This year to celebrate Father’s Day, I created a mini documentary featuring stories from nine dads from different parts of the world.

I had a blast listening to the dads and fascinated to see how dads all over the world are connected by a common thread…. how dads who normally do not show much emotion, break into a ‘smile from the heart’ when they talk about their kiddos.

Enjoy!!! Share with your loved ones in your life.  

Thank you Partha Sinha, Tom Ryan, Scott Zabilla, Chad Burmeister, Lucas Clarke, Clint McCaskill, Selvan Lehmann, and Oni Sen

{Touch the life of one more person}

Right after I wrote the book Raising A Father, my daughter Raka and I had scheduled a meeting to talk about the marketing of the book. I prepared a cool PowerPoint presentation. Raka patiently listened to my whole hour long presentation, and at the end, she asked me “Baba, are we hurting for money?”  “No…not really” was my response. Next, she asked “Then Baba, why are we stressing so much? Why can’t we just have fun with this book?”

I pushed her by saying “Do you have a plan?” She smiled and said, “The plan is to touch the life of one more person.”  I asked her “So what happens after we touch the life of one person?”  She said: “Dad you touch one more person.”

This lesson has helped me through the journey of this book, as I have been fortunate to touch the lives of incredible human beings. One time I was speaking at a very small Rotary gathering that was hosted by Janet and her husband Bruce.  Janet and Bruce have been married for nearly 60 years; and when you see the way they hold hands and smile at each other, it felt as if they had fallen in love for the first time all over again.

So, at the end of the presentation, they took me out for dinner, and I had to ask them this question: “What is the secret to your marriage?”

Bruce taught me that in order to appreciate each other in a marriage, you really have to hit ‘the search stops here’ button hard. Only then can you appreciate what you have.

Second, you have to showcase your love everyday. Yesterday, the love you showed doesn't matter today and you must wake up today to share your love.

And finally, the coolest lesson I learned was from Janet. She taught me that every marriage, just like a business requires a risk management plan. She explained to me that her husband Bruce is the nicest kindest human being. But then she smiled and said “Men by nature at times, make silly goofy mistakes.” She and Bruce used to spend hours together doing risk management drills back when Bruce travelled a lot with his job. One evening when Bruce was traveling in California, he called her late at night and said, “Hey you know I met this person, and I think she asked me out.” Then Bruce was very proud to share how he implemented the risk management plan.

That was a huge learning curve for me, because sometimes we take relationships for granted. We tend to be very happy with relationships when everything is fine and peaceful. But when we hit troubled times, the plan to navigate the hardships together defines the relationship entirely.

The journey to Raising A Father has been filled with priceless lessons such as touching the lives of one more person, the biggest lessons I've learned from my daughter Raka. I will forever cherish the lesson.