September 21, 2010

{Welcome Home Daddy!}

Earlier this year I traveled to India to visit my brother and his family.  Raka would have loved to join me, but she could not leave school. While I was in India, every minute with my nephew Agni was fun, but my heart was back here in Denver, thinking about Raka.  I called Raka often while I was away and of course every conversation would end with, “I miss you,” and “I love you”.

Raka was in school the day I got back. My good friend and neighbor Sudhir picked me up from DIA and I arrived home quite jet-lagged.  As I entered home from the garage, I saw a sign on the door with the words, “Welcome home Daddy! I love you!”   As I read the sign, I stood there and said to myself, “Aww!”  

Raka has been amazing in sharing her emotions and feelings for me all through her life. Ever since she was a little child, she would draw cute thoughtful cards for me, but this one was special.  I made plans to remove the sign and take it to my office, but decided to leave it there just for a while.

A few weeks after my return, Raka reminded me that I was “already back home” and the sign should be removed.  I pleaded with her, asking if I could keep the sign up for a few days.

Today, the sign has been up for more than six months.  I have no intention of taking it down.  The sign has been a permanent fixture on the door. Every time I come back home, I stare at the sign and smile.  It reminds me of Raka and her kind gestures. It reminds me that I am home and my baby loves me.  It also reminds me that while I am away, my daughter is always waiting for me.  

There has not been a single day when I have failed to read the sign as I entered the door.  There has not been a single day when I have failed to say as I walk in, “I love you too, Baby!”

September 7, 2010

{A Little Reminder: It's Never Too Late To Reach Out}

NEW YORK — It was a bittersweet and unlikely reunion.

A nurse at a Bronx hospice went to greet her new patient last week and was stunned to find that it was her estranged father, who she hadn't seen in 41 years.

Victor Peraza left his infant daughter a lifetime ago when he split with her mother.
For the decades that followed they were never in contact.

But Wanda Rodriguez knew his name, and when her new patient at Calvary Hospital said that, yes, he had two grown daughters named Gina and Wanda, she burst into tears.

Now, the two tell the New York Daily News and the Journal News of White Plains that they are cherishing every moment they have left together.

Peraza says it is a miracle that his daughter accepts him.