May 19, 2009

{Latest Fatherhood Stats}

As the time for releasing Raising a Father (the book) draws near, I've been thinking alot about where the country stands on fathers in the home, and what direction we're heading. I decided to conduct an online survey, via ZenMangoamong 510 adults between 18 and 64 years old to see how Americans felt about fathers taking responsibility and being a bigger part of their childrens' lives. The results were astonishing! Take a look at some of the statistics:





N (sample size) =




Is a top of mind issue for me




Is essential for today's society




Is one of the bigger challenges that must be fixed to rebuild our society




We are more aware of this issue since the advent of the new President




Expect today's brands to promote the image




I was thrilled to see so many individuals concerned about the issue, most espcially the percentage of men who are more aware of the issue since President Obama took office (80%). Have you seen a difference in attitude toward the issue?

May 10, 2009

{Michelle Obama on Raising a Daughter}

“I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single day. I grew up with very strong male role models who thought I was smart and fast and funny, so I heard that a lot. I know that there are many young girls who don’t hear it.”

-- First Lady Michelle Obama [via People]

May 4, 2009

{Validate Your Kids!}

This is a fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation -- dispensing both free parking and free compliments. This film, written and directed by Kurt Kuenne, won best live action short film at the Cleveland International Film Festival in 2007 and is well worth 16 minutes of your time. Perhaps if we all gave a little more validation in our relationships, we'd create more confident and competent people.

When I first received a link for this video, I told myself that I would never watch a 16 minute video on YouTube, but somehow I started watching this. The smile and simplicity of the bearded parking attendant touched me. As the story progressed, I was intrigued and had to watch the end, and when I got to the end, I was completely moved by the video. Initially I thought this was just a story of romance; a story of how a man’s smile and attitude can change the world around him, a story of a rapidly vanishing culture in which we do not have time for each other.

But then I realized it also is the story of a relationship between a mom and her daughter and how a simple smile on a mom’s life changes the entire life of the daughter. This made me realize how we as parents influence the lives of our children even after our they grow up.