January 18, 2011

{True Happiness}

What is better than watching your superman-brother work?  I got the answer last week when I was in Mumbai, India.

It was the last day of my trip and Oni, my brother, was shooting an ad in a suburb of Mumbai.  My amazing nephew Agni and I were both excited to attend the shoot as there was an artificial rain sequence scheduled to be filmed. 

I got there before Agni since the young man was still finishing up his nap. Agni arrived at the set close to the end of the shoot. The dynamics changed immediately. There was excitement in the eyes of all the tired team members who had finished another long day of filming.  Everyone was eager to share their role with Agni, and Agni got to climb on top of the water tank and see some of the other filming highlights.

That’s when the magic really happened.  Somehow Agni found his way next to his dad, and held his hand. After a few more on-set observations, Agni and Oni started walking back to the car, holding hands. The excitement in Agni’s face was out of this world. I also noticed the smile on Oni’s face – it was no ordinary smile. Father and son were cherishing their moment together where both were truly happy that the other was there.

As for me, I was just happy to be there and capture some of the moments in my camera.  Enjoy.

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