January 4, 2011

{The "Last" Cookie}

My Dearest Raka,

As you get ready to embark in the journey of life and I bake the last cookie for your High School finals, I realized that when life closes a door, it opens a window. Initially I was sad and resisted making the last cookie.  I guess most dads feel a weak moment when they want their baby to remain their baby forever. Maybe that was the reason I accidentally left the “secret stuff” at Whole Foods last night.

But today as I started baking, I realized I need to find new reasons to celebrate and bake cookies for you. I have already thought of a number of reasons to celebrate in the future, it isn’t difficult to find reasons to celebrate a star like you. 

This last set of cookies is a reflection of life’s challenges that are ahead of you.  First I thought of marking them, but then I realized that life does not come with “markings” and you will have to figure things out as you go, so here they are: 

Raka's Last Set of Cookies Before Finals
-          To mark of sweet moments in life, I have some orange flavored cookies for you.
-          For moments of celebration with friends, I have some hazelnut flavored cookies.
-          For moments when you will be a little unsure in life, there are chili lime flavored cookies
-          For moments those are tough and initially will shake your confidence (just for a moment before you come out with flying colors), there are chili cookies. 
-          And then there is the plain chocolate chip cookie to celebrate everyday life. 

Of course as a dad, that too of my only child, I worry as you prepare to leave the nest and leave your mark of Raka-ness on the world. The more I get to know you, however,  I more I realize that you are more ready than I was at your age, (not that this is saying much).  Your wisdom, your maturity, you caring for others, and your sheer brilliance in everything you do makes me sing the old Gatorade song, “I want to be like Raka.”  (Since you were not in the picture then, the song went “I want to be like Mike” after some guy named Michael Jordan.)

Good luck in your finals baby!

I love you and you ROCK!


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  1. Arjun -

    So sweet. Knowing both of you is truly a gift in my life.

    Sarah H.


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