October 6, 2010

{Where were you on the morning of Sept 15, 1993?}

Last Sunday, October 3, 2010 I was invited to the Colorado Parent’s Day Awards Banquet.  It was a heart touching event organized by Peggy Yujiri and her team at the Colorado Parent’s Day Council, which celebrated  parents of excellence and the parents of the year.

When dinner started and everyone was settled in their seats, Peggy invited me to talk about my reflections on parenting.  As I walked up to the podium, I kept thinking of the life story of James and Jenny Davenport, the 2010 Colorado Parents of the Year.  I was quiet for a minute as I stared at James, sitting happily with his family around him.  Somehow my prepared speech was not important to me anymore.  I addressed him and the other parents present as I started speaking.  

“What were you guys doing at 3:08am on September 15, 1993?  Why didn't you come and smack me on the forehead the moment Raka was born, to make me aware of the responsibilities of a father.”  I paused, then went on to ask, “What were you guys doing in December 1988 when I got married and took a vow. Where were you to tell me what it takes to stay married?”

I shared with the group the consequence of the divorce as faced by Raka.  She has to hide pictures of her with her mom and dad in her closet.  Divorce, among other things, makes a child defensive about sharing her parents in public.  This is only one of the many challenges a child goes through, but it did not just happen. It was baby steps taken after marriage, that eventually resulted in divorce, and that put Raka into her current lifestyle. I really wish that the consequences for children of their parents wrong turns could be reinforced when a couple gets married.

I had to leave the Colorado Parent's Day Awards Banquet early to be with Raka. As I left the room, I was sad. I also felt the energy from the parents who were in the room, celebrating their 24-7 commitment to their children.  Of course as I started driving, I had to call Raka and say, “Baby, I am on my way.  I love you.”

Raka was very excited about her day.  She enthusiastically told me what she was doing and then she said, “I love you too. Be safe as you drive, Dad.”
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