October 19, 2010

{Parent's Day Essay Contest: 2nd Place Winner}

On October 3, 2010 I was invited to the Colorado Parent’s Day Awards Banquet to speak and to judge an essay writing contest.  To read more about the event scroll down or click here to read my October 6th post. It was a heart touching event organized by Peggy Yujiri and her team at the Colorado Parent’s Day Council, which celebrated  parents of excellence and the parents of the year. Many excellent essays were submitted and I was privileged to read them all and want to share the three winners with you.

A Daughter to Her Parents
by Giselle Davenport (age 16)

Those of you that put faith
In believing you are on your own
That only you are reliable
Only you are worthy of your love

Must remember where you came from
One birth was not spontaneous
You don’t owe yourself that credit
Give that to who deserves it most

You know them very well, I’m sure
They’ve been next to you for years and years
Helping you to walk those first uncertain steps
And being there to laugh when you flat-bottom fall
But sure to pick you up again

Sitting you cautiously
On the set of that bike you just had to have
Screaming for you to hit the brakes
But all in vain as you flail helplessly down the sidewalk

Who took you that first day of school?
Prepared your lunch all nice and pretty
To show off at snack time to envious eyes
All the “I’ll trade you”s are due to them

When peers’ harsh words brought tears along faithfully
When opinions of others were most important
And sticks and stones could break your bones
But words could hurt much worse

It was they who made you love yourself
Believe in the bountiful beauty that is you
It was they who told you so
And turned the tears to ashes as they fell
Never to fall for that reason evermore

Finally done with studying, working
All those late night essays, readings
Are finally done with, those long sixteen years
Your tasseled cap and gown adorn you graciously

And who but they sit front row
Smiling bright, pride shining in their eyes
The same eyes you have, there upon that stage
They are due the highest reward

Now as you sit in your pretty white dress
Nervously stand at that alter, forever promise
You look to the ones who so happily gaze upon you
Hearts full to bursting with love

Sadly, now you wear your black
Flowers tightly held in your shaking hands
Tears roll down that face they created
As all those fond memories flow back to you

Melancholy fills the air, yet a hint of happiness
A funeral is not for sorrow and broken heart
It’s for loving reminiscence and a proper heaven send
You know you will someday reunite again

But now, as you proudly reflect
Just remember to never forget
Who was there to walk alongside you
As you took those first uncertain steps
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