September 21, 2010

{Welcome Home Daddy!}

Earlier this year I traveled to India to visit my brother and his family.  Raka would have loved to join me, but she could not leave school. While I was in India, every minute with my nephew Agni was fun, but my heart was back here in Denver, thinking about Raka.  I called Raka often while I was away and of course every conversation would end with, “I miss you,” and “I love you”.

Raka was in school the day I got back. My good friend and neighbor Sudhir picked me up from DIA and I arrived home quite jet-lagged.  As I entered home from the garage, I saw a sign on the door with the words, “Welcome home Daddy! I love you!”   As I read the sign, I stood there and said to myself, “Aww!”  

Raka has been amazing in sharing her emotions and feelings for me all through her life. Ever since she was a little child, she would draw cute thoughtful cards for me, but this one was special.  I made plans to remove the sign and take it to my office, but decided to leave it there just for a while.

A few weeks after my return, Raka reminded me that I was “already back home” and the sign should be removed.  I pleaded with her, asking if I could keep the sign up for a few days.

Today, the sign has been up for more than six months.  I have no intention of taking it down.  The sign has been a permanent fixture on the door. Every time I come back home, I stare at the sign and smile.  It reminds me of Raka and her kind gestures. It reminds me that I am home and my baby loves me.  It also reminds me that while I am away, my daughter is always waiting for me.  

There has not been a single day when I have failed to read the sign as I entered the door.  There has not been a single day when I have failed to say as I walk in, “I love you too, Baby!”
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