September 7, 2010

{A Little Reminder: It's Never Too Late To Reach Out}

NEW YORK — It was a bittersweet and unlikely reunion.

A nurse at a Bronx hospice went to greet her new patient last week and was stunned to find that it was her estranged father, who she hadn't seen in 41 years.

Victor Peraza left his infant daughter a lifetime ago when he split with her mother.
For the decades that followed they were never in contact.

But Wanda Rodriguez knew his name, and when her new patient at Calvary Hospital said that, yes, he had two grown daughters named Gina and Wanda, she burst into tears.

Now, the two tell the New York Daily News and the Journal News of White Plains that they are cherishing every moment they have left together.

Peraza says it is a miracle that his daughter accepts him.
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