August 3, 2010

{Instant Rewards in an Uneventful Day}

Today I started work at home with plans that it would be a stay at home day.  The day started slow as I was not feeling at the top of my health. Of course my eyes were on the clock on the wall as I waited for 3 o’clock in the afternoon to come.  Raka was supposed to be home then for a few minutes before she went to her mother’s place for the evening.

My sluggish day finally found urgency when the clock eventually got to 2:30 pm. I decided to get showered and ready, but as I was coming down the stairs I realized that Raka was already home.  She had walked in and started to call me on my phone since I was not in my office nor was I at the door to greet her.

After a hug, she looked at me and said, “Dad, let's go!”  I was thoroughly confused.  I did not have any plans to go out.  I was planning to spend a few minutes with Raka while she was in the house, then get back to work.  I liked Raka’s idea to go out, but where were we going?

Raka explained that we are going to Boulder to see her physical therapist.  I thought that appointment was tomorrow, but Raka said, “No Dad, it's today.  Let’s go.”

I asked for a few minutes since her favorite chicken pot-pie was still in the final stages of cooking.  I made a cup of coffee for myself and soon I was in the car, off to Boulder.

Raka was hungry.  She finished the pot-pie but as always did not eat the crust.  She then drank her mango juice and opened her laptop to work on her essay.  I thought to myself, “What a life!”  I was talking about Raka’s life, but soon I would realize that my quality of life is also quite special.

As we were driving to Boulder, Raka started telling me about her day.  We discussed her first semester of classes for her senior year.  She informed me about the IB extended essay question that she was working on.  I was hoping she would read her essay to me, but Raka was startled and said, “Dad, it is a 4,000 word essay, and I am only at 1,000 words..."

As I started listening to Raka’s P.O.V. on what U.N. should do about Tibet, I realized one more time how mature my daughter has become.  Her research was thorough and her point of view had strong rationale behind it.  Simply amazing.  The rest of the journey to Boulder and back we talked and she shed more light on the issues and events in her life.  Finally, as I ran out of smart conversation topics, she started multi-tasking: listening to music, playing solitaire, texting her friends, and talking to me.  My baby is now a cool teenager.  As I admired this cool teenager next to me, I realized how lucky I was to be able to work from home, to be able to drop everything at a moment’s notice to enjoy this special, uneventful day.

I guess the reward comes, I just had to be patient as I never expected the day to turn out this way. I get to go to bed with tons of memories, smiling as I relive our conversation.
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