August 10, 2010

{If You Build It, She Will Come!}

Last weekend I walked out to the backyard to see how my grapevines were doing.  I planted them two years back to begin collecting vines for grapes of different flavors.  My vision was that one of these days the vine would completely cover the lattice behind it and bear fruit.  Raka would look forward to coming to the house to pluck grapes and enjoy the taste of fresh juicy grapes.  I have to confess, being a Godfather fan, I could even see myself hanging out around the vines with my grandchild. (No Raka, please, there is no rush.)

As I walked down to the vines and started clearing the area I noticed the most beautiful grapes hanging from a vine.  Wow, in only two years I am producing grapes.  The more I started looking around the more I saw small groups of grapes everywhere.  I had to show it to Raka.

That evening Raka came back home after a long day of camp and then art.  After exchanging pleasantries, I nearly dragged her to the back yard.  The proud Mr. Green Thumb Dad showed Raka the first harvest of grapes.  Raka was fascinated, excited, and she asked me, “Can these be eaten?”  I started plucking a few grapes from the vine, selecting the best for her thinking I knew what I was doing.  Then I handed over the grapes to her and kept one for me.

We went back inside to the kitchen and Raka washed them and tried a couple.  She smiled and said, “They are a little sour.”  I was ready now.  I was so excited that Raka got a chance to taste the first grapes.  Now was my turn.  I bit into the grapes and felt a 1000-volt of shock running through me at the sour taste.  I looked at Raka and she was smiling as she said, “I told you that they were a little sour.”

I nodded my head, and trashed the semi-eaten grapes.  I admired Raka for tasting these sour grapes and playing along with me.  A simply amazing moment.

That evening as I started reliving the moment, I realized that this was not the first time Raka has celebrated my green adventures.  In 2006, I was trying to work on a vegetable garden.  The big harvest was a cabbage, it was simply gigantic.  As Raka and I harvested, she posed for me as I took a picture of her holding the cabbage.  Right after the picture was taken she ran to the kitchen and put the cabbage in the sink and turned the water on.  The cabbage was full of worms.  That day I had admired Raka for being a good sport and helping me create special moments out of nothing.  I am glad I saved the picture and you can see for yourself my worm eaten monster cabbage.  Of course if you take your eyes off the cabbage and look at the most wonderful part of the picture, you will see Raka’s proud smile.  She is proud of her dad growing a big worm-filled cabbage.

Thanks Raka.  I love you!
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  1. Arjun - I love reading your posts about the treasured moments between you and Raka. Miss you guys!


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