July 20, 2010

{Not Again!}

A few months back Raka told me that we needed to arrange for her senior pictures.  I was excited as I thought we would go to the backyard and take a few pictures and then she would choose the best one. Somehow Raka read my mind and informed me that this was serious business.  There was one studio all her friends were going to and she had to go there too.  In mind I kept grumbling inaudibly, “Does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t I do it myself?”

She gave me the number for Vision Photography and I reluctantly called them.  To my surprise there was a 45 day wait. The only day I could book was for the middle of July.  As the balance was more towards demand than supply, I was smart enough to take the date.

As the date approached, Raka started prepping for the day.  Eight sets of wardrobe changes, hair done the day before and on the day of the event, then as I drove her to the studio she was putting lotion on her hands and touching up on her nail polish.  “Wow,” I told myself, “Isn’t it amazing how times change?  It was only two years back that she was selected for the school soccer team.  She lay on the practice putting green with her new uniform on as I took some cool pictures to forward to friends and family.  I guess she is growing up… but still, a studio?”

I realized that my disbelief would ruin her moment as she was thoroughly excited about the moment and I was kinda blah about it.  I dropped her at the studio, and then went to a nearby Noodles & Company to have a quick business meeting.  When I returned to the studio, I was informed that Raka was at the last phase of her session. When I walked around back, there Raka was, getting ready to change into her running uniform with Dave, the photographer, ready to walk Raka to the side street for the final picture.  When I saw Dave in action and Raka smile in pride as she felt important, I realized this was the right decision.  Just like I had initially thought of celebrating Raka’s sweet sixteenth birthday at Dave & Buster’s and then with some sweet prompting from her moved it to a French restaurant in downtown Denver, this time, not taking the pictures myself and bringing her to the studio was the right idea.  It was right because the smile on Raka’s face during the photo shoot was priceless.

And why else was the one moment of watching Dave take a picture of my daughter worth it.  Hmmm. Instead of explaining let me just show you the evidence:
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