June 1, 2010

{The Everyday Moments}

A major theme in my education from my daughter has been to cherish the small moments that are all too easy to overlook. The days I get to help her with math and the lunches I get to drop off at school for her are the best times, but only when I stop to really digest it.

She taught me that.

Last week I was in New York and my lesson from my daughter inspired a series of photographs I hope will inspire you to take notice of the simple things that make life what it is.


If anyone can identify any of the persons in the pictures, I would love to send them copies of the book!
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  1. It's important to take time out for partners and let them know they are appreciated and how much they mean.

  2. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! :)

    Hop on over to check out my WW at I'm a full-time mummy (Ben's Tummy Rub!)

  3. I try to remind myself constantly to stop and be in this moment - remember what I'm feeling and seeing and smelling. Makes the memories so much better later. Great shots. I love New York!!!

  4. all three are great, but I love that last one!


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