March 17, 2010

{In Search of a Non-Working Parent}

When thinking about "working parents", it is easy to focus on parents working away from home.  But then I have to ask myself the question, is the role of a stay-at-home parent any less stressful in today’s world?

To answer the question, I wrote a job description for today’s stay-at-home parent:

  • Visionary, can see the big picture
  • Human resources experience in managing a tough team
  • Excels in project management without using the most updated technological tools
  • Finance wizard who can meet budgetary needs (for ever increasing costs of academics and activities) without a government bail-out
  • Conflict resolution expert
  • Crisis management guru
  • Positive personality
  • A great listener
  • Can multitask
  • Will never, ever quit
  • Is happy to have the job (and not expect any appreciation)

Now that is not one tough job, a job not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is equally as challenging (if not more) as any job away from home!

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