March 23, 2010

{5 Do's & Don'ts to Reconnect with your Kids: DO #1}

With Mother’s Day six weeks from this weekend and Father’s Day another four weeks after, I decided to start thinking back about lessons I've learned as a dad.  I have put together some "do's and don'ts for parents" that I have learned from my experiences. For those who have read the book, know that the one thing I can brag about my batting average as a dad is that it is getting better. Hence, take everything with a pinch of salt.  Of course I would love to hear about your do's and don'ts too! Feel free to leave your comments under the post!

Do #1: Be Present

Time is the most amazing gift a parent can give their child. And when you make your gift of time a surprise, the time is magnified in your child’s eyes and becomes ingrained in their heart.

Example: I try to work from home as much as I can, and my reward comes when I get this call from school: “Dad, are you home?” I know she needs me to run something to her at school.  The phone call gives me the same excitement Batman has when he sees his call in the sky of Gotham.  I listen, grab what she needs, and dash out in my dad-mobile.  Getting to see her for a second as I drop off what she needs is a reward in itself. And if I can remember to bring along a bottle of Gatorade or water, I can score some extra credit.
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