February 9, 2010

{We have a problem. A math problem.}

Raka is in her junior year. As the semester started in January, more and more I have started seeing a different side of her.  In fact, the transformation has been dramatic. The pressure of school has increased significantly.  I see her up late at night or walking into the kitchen with her pjs on, hair all unruly, glasses on, and walking absent minded with her biology or math book. When I place a cup of hot chocolate or some freshly baked cookies or a few slices of ripe mangoes next to her, she takes her spectacled eyes off her biology book and looks at me. Then after pause, a cute smile, a “thank you” and “I love you dad”, she always goes back into her textbooks.  

I'm starting to realize that my baby is starting to take full charge over her own life and getting ready to drive her own destiny.

In one of these moments, I stared down at her math book. She was going through arithmetic series and geometric series and then progressing to limits. My mind went back to the days of me being in class 10 in India where I went through all this.  So I could not resist asking her, “So baby, have you reached the Limits, yet?” 

She said “Yes.” 

Of course the smarty pants in me uttered: “No baby, how can you reach Limits?  Mathematically, limits is not something one reaches.”

Raka raised her eyebrows and said “Ha ha ha, very funny.” That started our math journey.

I am trying to stay ahead of the class and twice a week discuss her progress with her. Being a strategic marketing person, I had to start by developing a vision for the journey. The vision was “Learn-Act-Teach”, where Raka would first learn the concept, get rewarded for the learning in tests, and then teach me and her friends the concepts. This would help her cement the concept.

This math connection has helped me get closer to her and now we are getting into solving problems. The other night we were at the dining table trying to solve to the Tower of Hanoi problem.  http://mathforum.org/mathimages/index.php/Towers_of_Hanoi
Together we went till 4 pieces. That night, the geeky dad in me worked out all the solutions on a spreadsheet till 7 pieces. Soon I will solve till 8 pieces and then I'll really impress her.

Good luck to you with the Tower of Hanoi, and once you solve it, you may want to pass it onto me.
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  1. lol i solved the whole thing daddy :P But this is cute I like it!


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