January 12, 2010

{No Cookies for Oprah! Sorry!}

The last week was a transition week with Raka and I both returning from India and immersing back into our daily routine.  For me the immersion was easy as I work at my own pace.  But for Raka, bad jet-lag made her return less than smooth. She had finals scheduled within a week of school reopening, she needed to connect with all her friends, and resume her cross-country training. Compared to her, my life is simple.

As her finals start today, yesterday I made "the cookie" for her finals.  This time the theme was oranges.  The cookie dough had blended orange flavored chocolates that I have been collecting over the last few months and then I added a few tangerines too for texture.  The cookie was not a surprise as Raka has caught on by now and knew what I was up to.  As I was baking, she kept telling me how it was making the whole house smell nice and she could not wait to try the cookie. Finally at 3:15pm Sunday afternoon, I placed her cookie in front of her and within seconds she was digging into it. She had her glasses on, was still wearing her track pants, her hair was messy, and she had the rustic "studying very hard and focused" look.

Now came the hard part.  A few days back I discussed with my marketing team at work how to push the book forward.  One of the strategies we talked about was to target Oprah.  The plan was simple.  Send a big piece of the cookie to Oprah and tell her that she was getting this special cookie and connect it to the book.  From a buzz marketing point of view, I think this was a perfect plan.

But as I looked at the rest of the cookie on the baking tray, my thoughts changed.  Why Oprah?  No doubt she is a special person and has touched millions of lives across the planet, but is she the most deserved of the special "Raka cookie"?   Most probably the cookie would not even get to her and some intern would eat it.  And even if it got to her, could she truly appreciate the specialness of the cookie without reading the significance of the story?

As these thoughts rushed through my mind, I kept nodding my head as I realized that the targeting Oprah strategy was not in the true spirit of the book.  Why does she get this special cookie? Instead shouldn’t the slice of the cookie also go to Raka’s friends Priya and Rachael who are there for Raka every day?  And of course Surya, another friend of Raka's who is also a great friend who is always helpful and has a smile on his face.
So move over Oprah. No cookie for you, at least for now!

Priya, Rachel, and Surya thank you all for being such nice and caring friends to my Raka.

Good luck to all of you on your exams!

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  1. It's always risky sending and receiving edibles in the mail even getting them as gifts first hand, there are food allergies, dietary differences and freshness factors to consider. My daughter and a friend spent days making homemade truffles some of which spoiled before they could be eaten by their intended recipients. I imagine when a celebrity is involved there would also be security concerns. I wouldn't say give up on Oprah but perhaps a sharing the cookie recipe as one of your daughters favorites with a note explaining you would love to have made it for her if you could be sure it would have gotten to her while fresh would be appreciated. After all it's really the though that counts!Who knows maybe she'll have her personal chef make it up for her.


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