December 15, 2009

{Mumbai: City of Brotherly Love}

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9am I am leaving for India. This trip was planned last minute as Raka will be with her mom over Christmas break. It will be a short trip, but I am excited for every moment I will be in Mumbai with my brother Oni, my sister-in-law Rachna, and my little nephew Agni. I also am excited to visit my parents in Kolkata.  But at the bottom of my heart, I am sad. Tonight Raka gave me a big hug before she went to bed, and I will really miss her over the next two weeks.

Once I travel to India, my brother assumes the role of my local guardian. He plans my days and even my trips to Kolkata (city where my parents live). A few days back, I was asking him about the dates I am supposed to travel to Kolkata and he had his typical answer, “Do not worry. Everything will be arranged.”

The impatience in me wanted a better answer. A few days later I asked again. This time his answer was different. He said, “I need time to plan. I am getting you here for only eight days, so I need time to plan when I can take you to Kolkata.”

I was pleasantly surprised. “So you are coming to Kolkata?”

His immediate response was, “Yes, I cannot miss out on any time with you.”

I was quiet. His words touched me deeper than he will ever realize. Of course the sarcastic (but thinks he is funny) side of me wanted to pull his leg for being so “warm, fuzzy, and mushy.” But then I thought for a while and decided not to ruin this moment. I was quiet. Then I changed the subject and talked about other details of the Mumbai trip.

After I got off the phone that day, his words kept echoing in my head. I was swelling with happiness. I know once I go to India, things could come up and Oni may not be able to make it to Kolkata with me, but his heart is in the right place.
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