December 29, 2009

{Childhood memories of Grandma, Maiji}

Just got back from a short trip to India.

During my stay in Kolkata, I slept in Maiji’s bed. I set my alarm for 4am to wake up and experience that feeling; Maiji used to wake me up exactly at that time, every day. As I woke up, I looked my study desk in the room next door. Then I got out of bed, used the restroom quickly, and sat at my desk, the way I did every morning for twelve years.

As I sat at my study desk, I looked at Maiji’s bed. The visual was very familiar. I kept thinking what kind of commitment it took for 12 years, without fail, to wake up a grandson every morning so that his career would be built on a solid base. I guess the commitment to be a parent and to be present in a child's life does not come easy.

Simply amazing.

What was missing was Maiji’s breakfast served to me at my desk as I studied.

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