December 1, 2009

{25 Days till Christmas and a Parent's Countdown}

There are twenty-five days left till Christmas, and all too soon it will be twelve days till Christmas.  The countdown to one of the biggest holiday celebrations in the world creates a level of urgency which makes us all plan our days so we can use every day to the maximum.  This count-down, in a way, will drive our lives for the next few weeks as we plan when to buy the last gifts, when to mail the cards and the gifts, and finally plan what we do on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  For some, the day after Christmas sale is another critical event.

Another countdown has begun in my own life.  In 632 days, or 90 weeks, my daughter will be ready to leave for college. Which means there will be two more Christmas celebrations and one Thanksgiving celebration before then!  As her mom and I are divorced, that means my time with her will be cut in half; only 45 weekends together before she leaves.

Wow! This countdown of mine started when I had 90 weekends with my daughter and now half of it is gone. When I look back at the last 45 weekends, I can visualize the days my daughter woke on a Saturday and I had her favorite fish curry ready for her. This last weekend, she went out on a run with a friend in the morning while I was in a mad rush to get scrambled eggs and toasted bagels ready for them when they returned. As the two friends gobbled down the brunch after their long run, I made hot chocolate in the kitchen. I watched Raka scrape the last bit of the scrambled eggs from the plate and I smiled. That's my baby. I was so content to savor the moment.

I am not sad that the countdown has begun, but rather excited that because I know our days together are diminishing, I can try my best to enjoy every moment and create memories that will last me a lifetime.

To find an inspiration to an art for this post, I went on Google images and searched for “counting man,” and guess what I found? Nearly every image is of a man counting money. Another Wow!
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  1. It was really hard on me when my daughter when off to college.I never wanted to cook anything with our her that she might miss. Hmmm Maybe that had something to do with my going on a rqw food diet. And then after college she eventually married. Surprise she bought a house and wanted help remodeling and then came my granddaughter we've spent more time together the past 18 months then since before she left for school. It all comes around again :) I've begun to realize there may be a fantastic future in store I cannot possibly imagine (and I've always been some what psychic - but coculdn't have predicted this - love it).


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