November 18, 2009

{Desperate times call for desperate actions!}

This week, there was post on the Burgers & Masala Fries blog about the book. The blogger, Sanjiv Sinha, compared my approach of quitting the corporate world to be a dad first with that of a consultant who blocks time for her child. The blogger commented that “I do believe, that it is tough to do what Arjun did, but I believe it is definitely possible to do what the consultant did. It doesn’t hurt to set expectations in our workplace for some personal time”

As I read the blog, I 100% agree that balance in personal and professional life is the key. But at times when the pendulum swings to the other side (towards professional life, funding professional growth with time taken from family members), it becomes essential to interrupt with a loud wake up call. That is the reason that when my daughter Raka confronted me on the day after 9/11, it was important, no, essential for me to interrupt my corporate life with a dramatic “quit”. Otherwise, I would have made hundreds of promises to myself about spending more time with my daughter and I would have found great reasons to defer living the promise until a later time frame. In short, I do not trust the Arjun of 2001 to follow through on his promises. Scary thought, tough to admit, but true.

Over time, I have realized that balance is the key; why choose one when you can have both? My clients will vouch that when I work, I work very hard. Being a dad is never an excuse to not perform above par. But it is an internal balance I seek, as I try to make sure that I do not allow the corporate professional to take over the dad first.

Do not worry Raka, I am really enjoying being your dad first. You know it does not always come easily to me, but your patience and belief always steers me in the right direction.
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