October 20, 2009

{Traffic Light Dinner}

Life for Raka and me is unpredictable. The evenings are filled with Raka’s sports practice, music lessons, and study groups. In between, throw in frequent trips to the store and her mother’s home. Most of these are unplanned, they just happen. I try to just ride the waves and go with the flow. It is taking me some time to adjust to the lack of control.

Last Wednesday was one such evening. We had already had a tough evening, and the activities were just picking up. Raka was hungry, and I was hungry too. Our schedule was so tight that we did not have time to sit down and have a dinner together. It was the same as if I was the assistant to a busy executive. There are bound to be times both my boss and I would have to skip lunch.

As skipping dinner was looking eminent, suddenly I had an idea. I warmed some rice and egg curry, and put it in two different Tupperwares as Raka and I left the house for the last set of errands. As we drove, every time we stopped at a traffic light, we ate.

Finally, me being the cheesy dad that I am, I found a name for the dinner. Traffic light dinner! I was very excited to be the first father daughter team on the planet to enjoy the traffic light dinner. When I let Raka in on my discovery, she did not get it. I had to explain her, “just like a candle light dinner, today we have...”

Raka had heard enough. She said, “I get it, I get it, Dad. Grrr.” The last grrr was her way of showing me that my lines were too cheesy.

That night as we drove into the garage, I was still giggling about our traffic light dinner, and Raka was still not amused. But at least we had a dinner moment together. I wish I started this when she was younger, then she would have surely appreciated it.
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  1. This is so cute. Makes me want to know how old she is :)

    I would love to see this book. I will have to ask about it at our library.

    Has it been released as yet?


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