October 13, 2009

{Money Spent Per Child Around the World}

{Money Spent Per Child Around the World}SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


  1. I imagine there are many children for whom even a dollar is a sheet luxury and if they had one would use it for food. Yet if anything I think some of those figures are low estimates. We live in a consumer society. Even parents who stay home with their children go way over board on buying toys. It's great you've chosen to spend life with your daughter. Children grow up so very fast that one day they are no longer a kid. Hurray for grandchildren :) Hppy WW

  2. Wow, we certainly overdo it in the States. Scary!

  3. I am trying to email you about contributing to a new website for dads, but can't locate your address,, can you email me at experts@daddybluez.com?


  4. American's are suckers, I'll admit it. Throw the word "baby" or "educational" infront of it and we'll pay 50% more for it.


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