October 1, 2009

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Provo, Utah

Tonight I am in Provo, Utah. 20 years, 15 days, and a few hours after my first day in United States, I am back in the town where my journey in this country all started. In 1988, I was scared, I was apprehensive, I was excited, I had my life in front of me to pave it anyway I wanted. I had chosen academic excellence at Brigham Young University, Provo, UT and professional career advancement after that, but I did not know the price I was getting ready to pay.

Today I am a 46 year old divorced man and a proud dad. As my flight landed in the Salt Lake City International Airport, I wished I was back in 1988, I wished I could redraw my life, I could plan my life knowing where I was heading. There was regret, reflection, and remorse in the air. In the middle of the whole flashback my iphone rang. It was Raka.

"Dad, you landed? Everything ok?"

"Yes baby, all is good. Let me call you back once I get off the plane," I said.

The cloud of remorse and self reflection moved away and I could see my ray of light in life. True, I cannot go back and change the past, but I also realized that when I come back here in 10 more years, I may not have any regrets at all.

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