September 16, 2009

{What do you do after you finish a book?}

Writing the book was the fun part.

It was fun to discuss with Oni (my brother who lives in Mumbai, India) the sequence of stories, and hearing from him over and over how I had no clue about what I was doing. It was fun to argue with Raka on what stories would be included in the book. Of course, I lost nearly all these arguments. It was fun to work with Cody and the team, and to see their excitement about the book. It made me feel that they are all better equipped to be better parents than I was at their age.

As I sit with a finished copy of the book in hand and re-read it, I try to find the most heart touching moments in the book.
  1. My all time favorite chapter: When Raka wanted to marry me.
  2. The two stories I would (most) like to reverse: Not being there when Raka was in her early childhood, and missing my brother’s wedding.
  3. The most uncomfortable moment: The gay incident.

I can bet that I will read the book many more times and find many more favorites in the book. I can see Raka at different ages walking around the book; reading it over and over is becoming kinda addictive.

But now comes the tough part. The tough part is to push the book, market the book, and make sales happen. Unfortunately that is necessary.

I would really love for someone to pick up the sales job and let me write on.
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