September 2, 2009

{The Book will be here September 15th!}

Publishing this book has been a learning experience. Even though the publishing team has been helpful, it was my ignorance about what it takes to publish a book that created a lot of frustration for me. Now all that is behind me, the book is at the printer’s, and it should be available for purchase in two weeks.

The publishing journey started in April. Initially the target launch date was June 21st, Father’s Day. As Father’s Day came and went, my frustration with the time line started to increase, but finally, the book is will be ready around September 15th. And September 15th is Raka’s Sweet 16th Birthday.

When I sit back and chill, I cannot think of a better time for the book release. I guess there are times destiny has a plan better than what we can plan ourselves.

For all those who have supported me in the last five months, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you. I look forward to your support, comments, advice, and thoughts as book takes its baby steps in the world of reality.
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