August 26, 2009

{The Last First-Day of School}

Raka started her Junior year this Monday. The first day of school this year was no different than most years, as she had a special set of clothes and a pair of new blue shoes, all ready for the first day.

When we got to the school, she darted out of the car and I waited for a moment to see my fashionable daughter run in to meet her friends.

On my way back home I passed a middle school, then an elementary school. The streets were filled with kids in colorful clothes, new bag-packs and nervous yet excited parents. It felt for a second that it was springtime and I was in the midst of a colorful Easter egg hunt. My mind drifted back to Raka’s first day of high school, then further back to Raka’s first day of middle school, then her first day in all the elementary schools she has attended. Yes, my corporate jobs and travels had forced Raka to attend at least three different elementary schools.

All the memories from the past were flashing in my mind but reality sunk in as I pulled into the drive-way. I realized that I have witnessed a lot of amazing first days of school, but after this there will be only one more left. But wait, next year Raka most probably will drive to school on her first day, and I will be watching from the window as her little red Nissan Sentra pulls into the street. I can't believe I did not even realize that this was the last time I was dropping Raka for her first day of school.

How time flies. I wished I would have known this the night before so I could have driven a little slower and savored every moment.
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