July 10, 2009

{Taking a Step Back: Parenting Role Models to Avoid}

I believe single parents are especially susceptible to particular flaws if we're not careful. We, like any parent, can get caught up in a single view of our world and forget to take a step back and analyze what effect this view has on our children.

GreatDad.com recently published an article suggesting we do just that: take a step back and determine if we are falling into any of these four "Role Models to Avoid":

1. The Emotional Patient
2. The Guilt Tripper
3. The Permissive Parent
4. The Martyr
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  1. My father was definitely the permissive parent. He was also the parent who chased every tail in sight and brought them home even when all he saw of me was every other weekend. I even lectured him about how I would not be coming back to his house if he planned to grow marijuana in his house (I found it).

    Kind of odd for your 16 year old daughter to be talking to you like that. I praise you for holding onto your daughter as your refered to in your next post. Not all fathers do.

    Now, I am 30, married and have 2 kids. My father has not ever met my youngest (he's 2) and has only seen my oldest (5) once. I don't keep him out of my life (he has since changed his behaviors and remarried), but I think he feels so embarrassed now that he really doesn't know how to talk to me. It's really kind of sad. I call him every couple of months, but honestly, if I didn't call him--I wouldn't hear from him.

    I am enjoying your blog.


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