June 18, 2009

{The Big Event: Raising a Father at Madcap}

Tuesday night marked the first major talk on the book.

Before Tuesday, I had talked in churches and at different rotary lunches, but yesterday was the first full-fledged talk with bookmarks, a backdrop, and everything else branded as Raising a Father.

Yes, I was honored to get the opportunity to share my story with the audience at Madcap theater, but what touched me even more was how involved my friends and family members were in making this a “wow” presentation. Starting with my brother Oni in India who was directing me, to Cody, Phil, Clint, and Raka; they all went the extra mile to produce the talk.

I chose Trey Hall to introduce me. Trey has been a friend and business associate over many years. I have known quite a few cool dads but Trey has always been a little extra special. Professionally, Trey is simply amazing and I feel he is one of the smartest marketing minds on this planet. But as a dad, he is always there. I have seen him schedule his work life around his sons’ lacrosse games. On numerous occasions I have seen this deeply spiritual man to be a great family person. He has amazing balance between professional and family life. Trey, it was an honor for you to introduce me.

After the talk I wanted to learn from those present to see if I was successful in delivering the message... what could I do differently?

First I went to Raka. She was simply on cloud nine to have new friends in Cody and Phil. Every time I asked her, she shrugged her shoulders and said “Dad you did great”. Then I went to Cody, Clint, and Sheri. They, being believers in the project and big supporters of me, felt this was great. As I started talking to my other well wishers, I realized there are quite a few things I could have done differently. E.g. The wires were not tucked in properly, the shirt too was not tucked in properly (maybe I was having an overall bad tucked in day), the volume was too loud, and perhaps I could have shown some pictures and graphics.

I read some of the feedback and follow-up emails from a few attendees for more direction. This is what I got:

First: Tim. He was in the next cube when I was doing some data analysis for a client. All I knew him as was an amazing guy and great with numbers. Over the years he regressed more and more into the world of regression and I never tried to figure out who this person was. Tuesday, after the presentation, he wrote:

“The bribing story rang bells. I used to take my son (reluctantly) to the store to spend his pocket money. He'd have $10 to spend but a $20 appetite. I'd love it. With $2 per week pocket money - I'd not have to go shopping for 6 weeks!”

I felt so fortunate to connect with another father who too has been going through his own growing pains of trying to be a better father. Happy Father’s Day Tim, and thanks for sharing.

Next: Patti, another professional connection. But I knew little more about Patti. She is a great human being and always has a smile on her face and greets me with a warm hug. Patti wrote back to me after the presentation that “The talk profoundly affected me.” Wow. I felt fortunate to connect to this super professional.

Third: Carol. She wrote:

“At least you saw enough value in this relationship to develop it. Surely a blessing for a caring father to watch his daughter grow up. I appreciated you being so humble to not cover up any parts of the story. Being real is what you gave us. I pray that many fathers will listen to an important message, but they have to be willing to change as well. Change doesn't come overnight, but overtime. Many blessings to you.”

I have not had the opportunity to get to know Carol much yet, but her deep, sincere thought made me realize that I had touched another heart.

The intended journey for the book started with a dream that I could touch one more father, one more parent. At the end of the day, feeling this connection with new friends and connecting on a personal note with current colleagues, made the evening a great event.

Thanks all for attending.

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  1. Thank you for making me aware of your book and your story. It's on my "purchase soon" list -- I look forward to reading it!


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